Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to Baseball Weekend

It's Friday, and I'm excited.  No, not just because it's Friday, but because a whole group of baseball related activities are converging this weekend.

First, I have just downloaded my copy of Out of the Park Baseball 14 (OOTP 14), one of the greatest baseball simulation games there is.  I have been thoroughly addicted to this game since the 2012 version and have been looking forward to some of the new features and improvements that the manufacturer, OOTP Developments, has been promising.  Personally, I prefer playing in online leagues (and that's the only way I play OOTP 13 currently), but taking the new version for a test drive before leagues start to change over is always fun.  I'll be writing up a review when I've had a chance to delve into the game a little more in depth (which will take a week or so).  I know Tom Dakers over at Bluebird Banter has had a review copy for a bit  and he tells me that he really likes it (although I'll probably have to read his review to get his complete take on it).  Me and the other sim baseball nerds are gonna have a fun weekend!

Second, 42 opens this weekend.  Yes, I already have plans to see it this afternoon.  I've been getting all misty eyed at the trailers for months now and have seen that the film has garnered some solid reviews, but I'm trying to approach it without any preconceived notions.  I've heard that the writers/producers/directors sort of jumped over Robinson's very important year in Montreal before he went to Brooklyn for dramatic purposes.  I don't really mind that at this point (not having seen the film yet).  After all, I didn't really mind the changing of Argo's story to make America seem greater.  I mean, I mind, but it's Hollywood.  They're marketing films for Americans, not to depict Canada in a way that makes our country seem better than the US.

Third, I'll be spending all-day Saturday at an umpiring clinic north of Toronto.  I've spent fifteen summers of my life umpiring fast-pitch softball, but I've decided to get into baseball too this year.  After a telephone call to Baseball Ontario, they directed me to my local UICs and, long story short (ok, maybe not so long), I'll be spending Saturday in a classroom listening about rules I already know.  Hopefully they'll cover the things that I really NEED to know, like positioning for umpires on the bases and exactly what the rules are for a balk (don't get me started on the intricate details of softball's "Illegal Pitch").

Fourth, and finally, I'll be heading down to Buffalo on Sunday to take in my first Buffalo Bisons game.  We've been hit with rough weather this week and my original plan to head down this past Wednesday was pre-empted by weather.  I'm excited to head to watch baseball outdoors (although this isn't really the time of year for it) but also to see guys like Anthony Gose and Moises Sierra in action!

So, let the weekend of baseball begin!

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