Friday, April 5, 2013

Kaboom! Thoughts on Game 3

This won't be a full summary of the game yesterday since I devoted my energies to writing up the minor league reports this morning. 

It was definitely exciting to see the bats come out.  Last night a few Jays got off the schneid, and while for some I have a feeling that the success is fleeting, for others it's reassuring and a sign of continued excellence.

Jose Bautista

Jose's blast in the first is a continued sign that his wrist is healthy and that he's back to being one of the game's most feared sluggers.  That swing is awesome (but I think the GIF is from Wednesday's bomb).

J.P. Arencibia

Arencibia is one of streakiest hitters on the club.  While 2 homer games aren't really unusual for him, it doesn't mean that he's going to hit 50 this season and that he's magically discovered the key to being an improved major league hitter.  Numbers thus far are irrelevant so I won't point to his season stats.  I do like the fact that he seems to be more patient this season, but again, it's too early to actually point to statistical evidence with any sort of confidence

Colby Rasmus

Colby's HR is nice, but I'm still not convinced that he's going to get on a roll.  He's 1 for 11 with a walk and four strikeouts this season so there's really no evidence to show that he's improved.  I'd love to see Colby put it together and have even a good season (.250/.310/.410) because Gose isn't ready yet (despite his great game yesterday) and I think we're going to have to keep Colby around for the season.

Edwin Encarnacion

No, I wasn't forgetting EE.  His 3 run blast, complete with chicken wing celebration (as he rounds first base, see above) gave the Jays some breathing room yesterday.  From what I've seen from him in the WBC, Spring Training, and early this season, I'm not sure that he's completely right yet.  Granted, he has been nursing an injury, but so far, I've seen a lot less monstrous power from Encarnacion than I did last year.  A lot of balls that he hit well seemed to go for doubles, not home runs, and the HR yesterday (while hit hard) barely cleared the wall.  I'm not sold on Edwin being able to reproduce last season's HR totals but I can't wait for him to show me.

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