Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What to Expect from Blue Jays from Away (in Toronto)

Well, Spring Training has started and it's an exciting time to be a Blue Jays fan.  I've been back in Toronto since the end of November and have FINALLY finished my PhD.  I'll be sticking around here until I really know the next step in my career, but in reality, it will probably take me somewhere else although the time frame is up in the air.

So what should you expect from this blog over the next few months?

Well, first of all, I'm not getting paid for this and I'm not writing for an established media outlet, so I don't have to write every day.  I think it's a good thing.  The blogosphere is pretty saturated with the same stories of the Jays picking up X player from waivers and DFAing another who gets picked up waivers, etc.  I also don't feel the need to summarize what other guys out there are writing about general day-to-day activity of the team, or commenting on R.A. Dickey's press conferences, etc.

In the next little bit, I'm going to finish up the Prospects! series by March 1.  There are 4 more parts, and I'll publish the second half of the the Bluefield Blue Jays report tomorrow (2/21), with the last 3 coming next week.  I'm traveling on the weekend (visiting old friends in Boston) and probably will be without the computer.

Following the completion of the series will be my Spring Training updates.  Yes. I'll be heading to Spring Training on March 6 and see 3 games in Florida Auto Exchange Stadium and I'll do my best to get to at least one road game and several minor league games.  I hope to be able to watch as many workouts and minor league games as I can and I'd like to report daily on what I've seen, actually getting my own eyes on the players.  I hope to take some video and even get some interviews while I'm there.

In the regular season, I intend to watch as many games on TV as possible and I already have tix to a couple of games in April and May.  I'm also going to try to get to Buffalo a couple of times to check out the Bisons in person.

I'd like to give regular minor league updates, perhaps featuring a Jays' minor leaguer once a week and discussing other reports that come out.  I don't anticipate writing every day, but I'm now officially unemployed (I'll formally graduate in June, but I'm done everything), so I may have nothing better to do!

I hope that those of you who have been reading keep reading, and if you haven't been reading, well.... why not?

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