Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prospects! part 12: Bluefield Blue Jays - Hitting

AKA: Jorge Vega-Rosado
3TO: Eric Arce
Reversals of Fortune Needed: Jacob Anderson, Matthew Dean
Photo: Unknown

Drafted in 2011, Jorge Vega-Rosado bounced around a lot in 2012 before settling in Bluefield after an outstanding 2011 in Dunedin for the GCL Blue Jays.  He really didn't hit anywhere else, but the sample sizes were far too small to really tell anything (21 ABs in the GCL and 22 ABs in Lansing).  Generally, Vega-Rosado's numbers were down all over the place, but particularly, he only stole 7 bases (4 CS) in Bluefield to 22 in 2011.  He also goes by the name Chino Vega, so look for him, probably in Vancouver or as a backup infielder in Lansing in 2013.

Florida native Eric Arce was selected by the Jays in the 2011 draft and followed up an outstanding 2011 in Dunedin (GCL) with a strong 2012 in Bluefield.  Arce is making a name for himself based on his power, but has shown that he can take a walk in addition to hittin the ball out of park.  He strikes out far too much (34.6% in 2012) which can be a warning sign as he moves through the system.  He could be a 3TO (3 True Outcome) player -- one who either hits a home run, walks, or strikes out in almost every at bat.  This will be his age 21 season and Arce will probably be in Vancouver, mostly as a DH or occasional left fielder.

OF Jacob Anderson is a supplemental round pick from the big 2011 draft the Jays had.  In his first complete season, he struggled mightily, hitting .194/.271/.304.  Anderson comes as a highly touted power bat and needs to put together a good season in 2013 to redeem himself.  The organization probably still sees the potential for a bright future in him, but he's going to have to prove himself if he ever wants to get out of short-season ball. 

3B Matthew Dean was drafted in the 13th round of the 2011 draft and signed for a way above slot bonus. He made his pro debut this season for Bluefield and, like Anderson, had a tough year. The third baseman hit .222/.282/.353, and struck out 33% of the time. This is acceptable for someone like Arce, who had an OBP 100 points higher and a SLG almost 130 points higher than Dean, but Dean only walked in 6.6% of PAs. If he can make better contact and show more discipline, Dean could really be something, but if he can't adapt his swing and and pitch selection to the pro game, he's going to have trouble going forward.

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